Elan – 2016

Elan- litter

8.5.2016 was born 3 males 1 bitch

Sire: Siofra’s Joseph

Dam: Oscailte Dileas Duana

Puppies are PSS tested: all healthy

Theme of this litter is Elan which is gaelic language and means friendly.

Siofra’s Joseph

  • Eyes: iris cyst, heart healthy

Oscailte Dileas Duana

  • Eyes and heart helathy


Oscailte Elan Even, Önska


Oscailte Elan Eilam, Väinö


 Oscailte Elan Efron, Immu


Oscailte Elan Ellie, Elli  – stayed home

Birth weight:

Puppy Weight
Even  525
Eilam  455
Efron  470
Ellie  535